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Artistic Origins

My name is Phillip Neeley, I'm an artist based in Phoenix, AZ My preferred medium is resin, crackle, & acrylic.

I have been an artist since childhood in San Diego, California and Ketchum, Idaho. I was born with an innate passion for building and creating. Art has always been an outlet for me; my creative expression through art is one of the most important things in my life.

I grew up with a deep understanding and appreciation for abstract art because of family art collections. I recently have been inspired by physical art & NFT's because of its unique application. 

Phoenix has a warm and laid-back influence on my art. Much like the city itself, Phoenix has allowed me to be mellow, keep to myself, flow with the tide, and mostly importantly cultivate the right positive energy to be an artist. I hope you find your favorite artwork or NFT with ArtbyPhillip.

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